Meet Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the powerful, secure and helpful smartphones

Supercharge your customers’ productivity with Google AI. Pixel shows your customers how AI technology can benefit their business in real life.

Engineered by Google, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro raise the bar with features to better equip your customers. Pixel is the only smartphone that combines Google Tensor G3, Titan M2 Security Processor, Android Enterprise compatibility and AI into one powerful device. This trio gives Pixel devices the advanced security, productivity and assistance that your customer need.  

An extra team member, Google Assistant

Whether your customers are reading or writing important emails and documents, Google Assistant (1) can help them save time. Google Assistant can summarise documents, read aloud, translate,(2) and even write emails twice as fast with your customers’ voice so they don’t miss a beat.(3) 

Hola, from Live Translate

With Live Translate, Pixel can break down the barrier of translation and help your customers and their team interpret face-to-face conversations in 49 languages, transcribe messages back and forth as they chat, and translate documents in real-time with Pixel’s camera.(2) 

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

The super dependable all-day battery  

Your customers need a device that lasts as long as their workday does. Pixel’s Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours on a single charge.(4) It doesn’t stop there though, turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and it can last up to 72 hours for power when your customers need it most.(4) Best of all is that Pixel now recharges faster than ever at up to 27W on Pixel 8.(5,9) 

Protecting your customer’s data, at all costs 

Cybersecurity can be a differentiator in supporting organisations to drive better business outcomes. (6) Pixel can help keep your customer’s business data safe from cybersecurity threats with cybersecurity features such as Passkeys – an easier, more secure way to sign into apps and websites that are resistant to phishing and data breaches. 

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Always stay up to date with Pixel

With the new Pixel 8, your business will receive the latest OS and security updates for 7 years, plus new and upgraded features every few months with Feature Drops. (7) 

Security your customers can depend on

Pixel combines strong security features you can depend on. With Google Tensor G3 and the certified Titan M2 security chip, Pixel 8 offers an extra layer of hardware security.(8) Pixel comes with a built-in VPN at no extra cost, ensuring that online business activity is kept secure.(10)