C-Corp is now an official partner of 3CX in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Connected Corporations Ltd is now an official partner with 3CX. By partnering with 3CX, C-Corp can modernize your business communication system with a PBX designed with the remote workforce in mind.

3CX is a cost-efficient, flexible software solution phone system. It offers several useful features and compatibility, making it a popular choice for many businesses. With 3CX, your employees can connect and service customers via their smartphone, in a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, or through the official Windows desktop application. This enables a productive and flexible remote workforce. 3CX also allows you to port existing SIP trunks, making it easy to modernize your system.

C-Corp has recently implemented 3CX as our primary business communication service, allowing us to manage all communications from a central platform. Using 3CX, we have streamlined communication to a single platform that allows our agents to make and receive calls using various compatible devices. In addition, 3CX features support for live chat, which can be plugged into your business website or social media in seconds. Your sales agents will be able to manage calls and chats simultaneously easily.

In addition, C-Corp was able to save on costs for upfront telecommunication hardware by having all employees utilize the mobile app and web client for business communication. By leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we were able to reduce costs on upfront network infrastructure further.